Amy is the skipper of this incredible journey, a dreamer who envisioned a thriving peony farm and made it a reality. She carefully selected the roots, nurtured them in the soil, and watched them flourish. After four years of hard work, it was time to harvest - but fate had other plans. A week before the harvest, Amy took a nasty fall and broke four bones in her foot. But she wasn't about to let that stop her, she strapped on a leg crutch and kept going with her “peg-leg”. When her sisters, Monica and Sandra, heard the news, they rushed to Alaska to lend a hand. What started as a one-time emergency turned into an annual tradition of sisterly love, laughter, and hard work. And with that, Amy rebranded the business from the Alaska Flower Girl to the Alaska Flower Girls Peony Farm, because let's be real - it takes a family of flower girls to make a peony farm thrive!