Shipping Prices

2023 FedEx Priority Overnight Pricing 

Small Order       30-99    stems   $85   in an insulated box
Medium Order 100-149  stems $105   in an insulated box
Large Order     150-249  stems $120
   in an insulated box
X-Large Order  250-349 stems $170    in an insulated box 
Super Order    300-399  stems  $200   in an insulated box

We will honor the shipping price listed at the time you ordered/reserved your peonies.  Fed-Ex rates may change.

ALL of our peonies are shipped in insulated boxes

There's nothing fishy going on here.   We’ve been casting about for years looking for how to get our buds to you in the freshest possible condition. 

  • We redesigned our boxes (now square, not flat) to better maintain the cool, core temperature. 
  • We’ve increased the thickness of the cardboard to provide more insulative value. 
  • Now we’re taking a page from the Alaska fishing industry and lining the boxes with bubble foil insulation. 

Last year when we shipped salmon out of state, we used foil insulated boxes with great success.   

Our insulated boxes provide a great buffer against hot weather and delayed FedEx deliveries.