Alaska Flower Girls

Late Summer Peonies, exclusively.

We fulfill dreams of stunning peonies

in July & August weddings.

Everything worked out really well with the Peonies... they opened up beautifully. Thank you again and we will do business with you in the future.”

Carla, Bride and Blossom, NYC after September 28 wedding

Thank you for everything for this weekend - your peonies were absolutely stunning and
totally helped make our event."

Darroch Putnam, Putnam & Putnam Floral Design NYC

Amy, the peonies just arrived and they are fantastic- the perfect stage of bud. I can’t thank you enough.  You are a lifesaver!"

Amy Merrick, Flowers and Styling Styling for cosmetics shoot, NYC

2020 Peonies Available July-August

Remove some stress and reserve peonies for your mid-July through August events.  

Fresh. Cold. Alaskan Peonies ... Cool.

The Alaska Flower Girls peonies grow along the cold waters of the Cook Inlet near Mt Iliamna, an active volcano.  The cool temperatures in our fields allow these peonies to be available from August through September. Long Alaskan summer days bring over 20 hours of sunlight resulting in large and brightly colored peonies. We have spent years perfecting our cold chain and harvesting procedures ensuring a long and beautiful vase life for our peonies.

Grandpa's Flower Girls

The love of peonies and family bring the Flower Girls back to the farm every summer from as far away as Las Vegas.

Favorite childhood memories from the grandparent’s farm are relived each summer. Little did Grandpa know that it would be his granddaughters that would be the farmers in the family. We’ve been in Ninilchik over 25 years.


Amy is the skipper of this whole adventure.  She imagined what could be, chose the roots, got them into the soil and coaxed them to grow and flourish.  After four years, when the plants were mature enough to harvest, Amy did something else, a week before harvest she fell and broke four bones in her foot.  When her sisters, Monica and Sandra heard, they were on the next plane to come and help out. The three had so much fun working together that summer they decided to make it an annual event.  Amy renamed the business from the Alaska Flower Girl to Alaska Flower Girls Peony Farm.  When Amy isn’t working on the day-to-day business of farming, she works at the award winning Homer Public Library.

Mother Superior

Leslie is a superior mother to each of the Flower Girls.  She not only overflows with encouragement and advice, but often simply provides a quiet shoulder.  She was intrigued when she heard that Amy was starting a peony farm and they decided to order roots together.  Leslie planted her 300 roots on her own land, dubbed Our Lady of Perpetual Options. She heads up sales for the peonies. It’s her job to find loving homes and appreciative venues for the glorious peonies produced by the Alaska Flower Girls Peony Farm.  Leslie brings her exceptional skills in brainstorming and troubleshooting to the Flower Girls and is a constant source of inspiration to us all.  



Monica’s job is to bring “Sunshine” with her from Las Vegas each harvest.  She also brings tons of joy and enthusiasm to the peony field. When she and Sandra get together, laughter, singing and storytelling provide the soundtrack for the hard work each day.   When she is not in the field harvesting, Moni displays her creative genius in many ways including designing the decor for our new Flower Pot (outhouse).  Further, she composed and posted the telephone etiquette for the tin can and string phone she personally installed in the Flower Pot.


Sandrita is hands down the best field weeder in the bunch.  Give her a bucket, hand shovel, and headphones and she can happily stay in the field from dawn until dusk, which in Alaska during the summer, is a long time.  During harvest season Sandra heads the team responsible for assuring that each bud from the field is sparkling before it heads to the chiller. During the long Alaskan winters, Sandra teaches math to 4th and 5th graders and if that isn’t difficult enough, she does it Spanish.

AK Flower Girls Peony Farm

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Ninilchik, Alaska
99639  USA

Toll free: (855) 541-1110